Events @ the Apex

Kids Camp Info

Our Summer Camp Fun is the main priority in all activities experienced in our Kids Camp. Children will be encouraged to interact with each other and develop their communication, swimming and creativity skills, forging friendships and learning to accept each other and get along. Team work, enjoyment and friendship is the focus of the camps ...
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Swimming Lessons Information

Dear Parent/ Guardian Thank you for enrolling your child into our swimming lessons. The following important notes will assist you and your child during their swimming lessons. ASSESSMENTS These take place during Week 7, week commencing Monday 19th of February . At the end of the swim term, your child will receive an assessment sheet ...
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Swim Ireland Manifesto

The Manifesto Toe in the water. Face in the water. Staying afloat. Touching the bottom. One length without stopping. Fifty lengths without stopping. Diving from the dive blocks, without a toe out of place. Wading in amongst the horde, without running back out again. Lying flat on my back. Out to the buoy and back. Holding ...
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