Due to easing of Covid-19 restrictions we have removed both our booking systems in our Gym and Swimming Pool areas. Our members no longer need to book their sessions through our members app nor do our Pay as you Go customers need to book through our main reception.


The facilities at The Apex are second to none. They include:

  • Large changing village for the pool
  • Separate ladies and gents changing facilities for the fitness gym
  • Storage lockers
  • CCTV for security
  • Showers and hair dryers
  • Viewing gallery
  • Coffee dock
  • Vending machines
  • Large car park with complimentary parking
  • Large open reception foyer
  • Atmospheric background music


The Apex offers a complete sport, health and leisure experience. Our dream is to make New Ross the healthiest town in Ireland and to make The Apex the heart of the community. It’s a well-known fact that physical activity is good for mental health and improves your mood, confidence and sense of wellbeing. We want people of all ages and abilities to come along, get active and have fun.

Be active. Be happy.

We all know that keeping fit will help us to lead longer, healthier lives and that exercise will help prevent diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. But did you know that regular exercise also increases natural protection against colds and flu, and that it helps to fight depression by improving confidence and producing natural anti-depressants such as endorphins?



Access for all was identified as one of the primary objectives for the Apex from the initial conception of the facility.
The Apex was designed and constructed in full compliance with all regulatory requirements:

  • All areas are wheelchair accessible.
  • There is a lift to the fitness gym on the first floor where some of the equipment is also specifically designed to accommodate people with mobility issues.
  • A pool hoist system is available for access to the main pool.
  • There are individual disabled toilet facilities on each floor, some of which also have disabled shower and changing areas.
  • There are designated disabled parking spaces close to the main entrance.

10 reasons to exercise:

  1. Being physically active accelerates fat burning.
  2. Physical activity makes you feel more energetic. When endorphins are released into your bloodstream during activity, you feel much more energised.
  3. Physical activity helps you to feel happier by reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.
  4. Being physically active can help improve your mood, emotions, self-esteem and sense of well-being.
  5. Moderate obesity (BMI 30-35) is associated with 3 years’ loss of life.
  6. Being active reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 50%.
  7. People who are not active are nearly twice as likely to have a heart attack as people who are regularly active.
  8. Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of cancer. For example, physically active adults have a 30-40% reduction in their risk of colon cancer.
  9. Playing with your children or grandchildren for just one hour a day can burn as many calories as walking briskly for the same amount of time.
  10. If you are regularly active, your children are more likely to be active too. Getting children active reduces their risk of ill health as an adult.