Swim Ireland Manifesto

The Manifesto

Toe in the water. Face in the water. Staying afloat. Touching the bottom. One length without stopping. Fifty lengths without stopping. Diving from the dive blocks, without a toe out of place. Wading in amongst the horde, without running back out again. Lying flat on my back. Out to the buoy and back. Holding my breath. Holding court. Relaying. Relaxing. Getting used to the water. Getting fit. Getting faster. That will be……

………. Me and the water.


Our Manifesto, your manifesto

We are united in our love of the water. The early mornings. The after school lessons. The first break of the waves. The tussle for the ball. The little voice that tells us to push on… to get back in the pool, go one more length, get out to the buoy. That’s….

………. Me and the water.


What our brand means

From the Olympic swimmer, to the water polo player, to the daring diver, to the casual swimmer and those who take a dip in the sea in the summer, we are working to make the aquatics more accessible, safer and enjoyable for all. The water means different things to different people, and the ‘Me and the Water’ brand represents the Swim Ireland commitment to representing all of those who have a relationship with the water.

More than the organisation’s logo…

We believe in the aquatics.

We believe that if everyone has a controlled relationship with the water it can be of benefit to them.

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